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Now where’s my husband? LOL!

How long does this ovulation thing last?


Yes, it’s been awhile. So to update, I do not have Polycystic ovaries and all my blood test came back normal. Now I’m taking 50mg of Clomid and taking ovulation test. If the ovulation tests show that I’m not ovulating then the next step is increasing the dosage of Clomid for the next cycle. Well see how this goes and then after three months of this take a sono to make sure I have not developed any cysts.  After this there is a whole lot more she told me that would have to be done. Who would have known it was gonna be a pain in the ass to get pregnant.   Hope you’re having an easier time at this than I am.


This month I’m not pregnant.  I got my period a week late but that was it.  I took a pregnancy test the day before I got my period and it was negative and at that point I knew that it was just late.  Now to wait until ovulation and try again.  How romantic.   Maybe I should try some new positions… Kama Sutra.