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Found this on a baby site and thought “What a Great Idea!” This is a Baby Monitor where you can hear your baby and respond to your baby from any room.  It is not sold in the US but you can find it here and might be able to order it.


I  still have not seen any signs of pregnancy or a period and it’s been 14 days since I was suppose to have my period. I took a pregnancy test but…nothing. Either it’s to early or my period is just playing games with me 😦

So to keep my spirits up I started to look for giveaways 🙂

BabyHawk introduces the first of its kind, brand new Mei Tai (Asian Baby Carriers) which allows mom to carry baby in a variety of comfortable positions.

Enter to win a BabyHawk $100 Gift Certificate and design your own carrier. Good Luck!

It’s Wednesday and my period is late. I’m not getting happy yet since it seems it’s late more often than not.  But inside you know I’m grinning just a little.   Let’s just get back to the real reason for my post today and it involves an invitation. Yes, an invitation to a BABY SHOWER!!! How dare they!   Don’t they know?! Well actually they don’t know since I don’t know the person, my husband does.  The invitation is for both of us. Yeah just GREAT!!!  How nice for her, while I’m sitting here with crossed fingers and toes hoping my period will not come back for nine months.

Happy Wednesday All!!!

Do you have a favorite picture of your baby? What if you could always see that picture in the form of a Diaper Bag? Well its’ do-able at You can customize a Photo Diaper Bag.