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Last week I went to the GYN. I knew I was there to get my ovaries checked to make sure I didn’t have polycystic ovarian disease. I was dumbfounded when the technician inserted this huge white apparatus into me. What the hell! I wasn’t prepared but thankfully I did not have any cysts.

My period is late again so the doctor gave me 5 pills to take after the 7th day of my cycle. Now all I have to do is sit and wait. Tomorrow I have another appointment with the GYN but this time is for the well overdue annual pap.  I just hope I don’t get my period tomorrow, that’ll suck.


I finally went to the GYN today and I almost didn’t go because I DID get my period today.  I did go though. I didn’t see my regular doctor because I would have to wait till sometime in March so I ended with a male doctor. I’m not 100% comfortable with a male doctor but I needed to see someone ASAP. So he did a pelvic exam and has me going in next week to do a pelvic sonogram. I also need an annual but I can’t do both at the same time since my insurance won’t cover it. So the day after my sonogram I have the annual exam appointment with the male doctor but I think I might change the appointment and wait till March to see my regular female doctor. The doctor mentioned I would probably be put on meds to help me ovulate but nothing can be giving to me until the exam. So do I wait until March to see my regular doctor or see the male doctor so I can be put on the medication and get pregnant?

I was looking around at the blogs and such and found this Nap Nanny. It looks so relaxing that I wouldn’t mind one of those for myself.  I guess that baby sleeps for many hours in this.  Only thing missing is a quilt and a pillow.

I’m not a mom yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t enter to win Free Baby Stuff. Click to enter to Win a Little Giraffe Crib Bedding Set.


One of the things I often think about is how it seems like a reflex to some people to touch a woman’s belly when she’s pregnant.  I don’t like to be touched now and I don’t want to be touched by anyone while pregnant. So instead of telling people all the time I should wear something stating so.

It’s Wednesday and my period is late. I’m not getting happy yet since it seems it’s late more often than not.  But inside you know I’m grinning just a little.   Let’s just get back to the real reason for my post today and it involves an invitation. Yes, an invitation to a BABY SHOWER!!! How dare they!   Don’t they know?! Well actually they don’t know since I don’t know the person, my husband does.  The invitation is for both of us. Yeah just GREAT!!!  How nice for her, while I’m sitting here with crossed fingers and toes hoping my period will not come back for nine months.

Happy Wednesday All!!!