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I was looking around at the blogs and such and found this Nap Nanny. It looks so relaxing that I wouldn’t mind one of those for myself.  I guess that baby sleeps for many hours in this.  Only thing missing is a quilt and a pillow.


I wanna I wanna I wanna take a pregnancy test! Right now my breast feel like they weigh a ton and my stomach looks like I’m into my second trimester. There might not be a baby in there but there’s some tasty strawberry margaritas in there 🙂  I have two weeks left to take a test…unless I feel a kick in my stomach. LOL. Have a great evening ladies!



My period is a week late and I refuse to take a test. It was negative last week when I checked and I don’t want to be disappointed again. If it still hasn’t made an appearance the next couple of days, I will take a test this weekend.  Cross my fingers and what the hell cross my toes. If not this time around I’ll hope for next month and after that I will seriously need to see a GYN.