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I’m not a Mom but I’m trying to become one. Didn’t know it would be such a difficult task but long and behold it is.  Today the first day of December and I am happy because this is my favorite season but it’s a difficult season for me.  All I see is children with their toys and sitting on Santa’s  lap and making Christmas list for Santa. I can’t stand it. I want a baby to buy outfits for and gifts for and coo over.  Besides this season the start of the school year  and summer just come in a slight second.

Happy Holidays to All!


The holiday parties are in full swing and I can guess being pregnant you’d think you can’t look cute in a little black dress but with a pair of Maternity SPANX you can look good and feel great.  That sounds great but I wonder if the spandex around the belly is to tight for the baby. When I get pregnant I’ll let you know.