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Do you remember watching Saved By The Bell?  If you don’t they give it on TBS in the mornings. The reason I’m mentioning this is because one of the actresses from the show (Tiffani Thiessen)looks so pretty pregnant. I hope that when or if I get pregnant I’ll look like her.


I just found out my favorite actress, Amy Adams is pregnant and due in the Spring.  What is everyone, except me, drinking or eating. It seems like a bunch of people are getting pregnant 😦

We’ll just have to continue trying.

Good News for Heidi Klum she welcomes a daughter into the world.  As for myself  18 days later and my period is here 😦

I’m giving myself until December until I make a visit to the Fertility clinic. First I need to make a GYN appt. I’m not crazy about the Gyn Dr I have now so I’m looking for another Dr.  The only thing is that the doctor I have now is within walking distance which is great.   Why can’t dr’s just make house calls it would make my life so much easier.

I’ve been writing about pregnant celebrities.  The last one I wrote was Penelope Cruz.  Now, lets add 39 year old actress, Amy Ryan.  She played Michael Scott’s girlfriend in the show, “The Office”.  This will be her first child.  Congrats!

Also, from the show, “Scrubs” 32 year old actress Sarah Chalke is expected her first child in the winter.  Congrats!



Do you remember when you were single and it seemed the rest of the world wasn’t? You would turn every corner and see a couple holding hands, hugging or kissing?  Well I’m getting that sort of feeling right now.  I was looking through some sites and it seems that everyone is getting pregnant.  Kendra from that Playboy Show on E! is pregnant and supposedly having a boy, one of the Kardashian sisters is pregnant, Mel Gibson’s girlfriend pregnant, that Brazilian model, Gisele might be pregnant as well as Halle Berry.  What the HELL!!! Others have given birth in the last few days, Elizabeth Hasselback  from The View had a son as well as Singer Jennifer Hudson. Let’s not forget Heidi Klum is about to pop any moment with her, what is it her 3rd child?!  Okay enough with the bitterness. Congrats to all!!!