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On Sunday I got my period of course just in time for Monday.  I hate getting my period on Sunday or Monday wish we could decide when to get it.  I had to stop at CVS on my way to work and buy one of those disposable heating pad things.  I had it on all day and didn’t feel much heat coming from it until I went to the bathroom and saw red marks on my skin.  Forward to Thursday, I almost passed out on the way to work. It was a horrible experience it’s happen before during my period. Sucks!!! 😦  So next month we’ll have to try again. 🙂





Today I should be getting my period but I haven’t yet. I hate this monthly dance I take with my period but I know it has to be.  I will wait for two weeks after today to take a pregnancy test. I refuse to take one early than that.  I don’t think I have a period problem keeping me from getting pregnant but then again I’m not a doctor.   Some period problems are;

  • Amenorrhea which is having no period.
  • Oligomenorrhea which is irregular period, skipping of one or more periods.
  • PMS which we women know exactly what this is.
  • Dysmenorrhea which is the menstrual cramping from mild to debilitating.
  • Periods that are too long or too heavy.

I know I keep procrastinating but I gave myself a deadline, by December I have to make any appointment with a GYN.