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TLC has a New Show Online about Women Trying To Conceive.  The concept:

Each participant in the series received several First Response testing kits and a digital video camera to document their lives and progress over the next seven months. The women send the footage to TLC producers, who edit the videos and post them online within a few days. Each participant also will contribute to a blog on the show’s Web site. First Response guided TLC in selecting the participants, and fertility specialist Peter Ahlering, a spokesperson for First Response, appears in informational videos on the site.


Another month and I’m out of Ovulation Tests.  If I knew in my 20’s that it was gonna be this way I would have tried back then to get pregnant.  I wanted to have 2 children but at this rate I think it’ll be just 1, if that even happens.  I’ll just try to keep  my chin up and continue trying.  So how is it going with you???


Another closet corrects the cry.


Today I should be getting my period but I haven’t yet. I hate this monthly dance I take with my period but I know it has to be.  I will wait for two weeks after today to take a pregnancy test. I refuse to take one early than that.  I don’t think I have a period problem keeping me from getting pregnant but then again I’m not a doctor.   Some period problems are;

  • Amenorrhea which is having no period.
  • Oligomenorrhea which is irregular period, skipping of one or more periods.
  • PMS which we women know exactly what this is.
  • Dysmenorrhea which is the menstrual cramping from mild to debilitating.
  • Periods that are too long or too heavy.

I know I keep procrastinating but I gave myself a deadline, by December I have to make any appointment with a GYN.

Your child has lost their first tooth…now what? Well of course the Tooth Fairy.

I found this site called Office of the Tooth Fairy where they have an official tooth fairy kit with a certificate to keep track of your childs teeth.



Stroller and Baby in one.

I saw this and thought it was so cute and at the same time  felt I had seen it before.  I thought and thought and finally I remembered. It looks like bikes that older people use.  I thought what a great concept. Your parent can get some exercise while strolling with their grandchild.   It would make a great gift…if it wasn’t so expensive.  About $2700.