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Period Problems Keeping You From Getting Pregnant

Posted on: November 11, 2009


Today I should be getting my period but I haven’t yet. I hate this monthly dance I take with my period but I know it has to be.  I will wait for two weeks after today to take a pregnancy test. I refuse to take one early than that.  I don’t think I have a period problem keeping me from getting pregnant but then again I’m not a doctor.   Some period problems are;

  • Amenorrhea which is having no period.
  • Oligomenorrhea which is irregular period, skipping of one or more periods.
  • PMS which we women know exactly what this is.
  • Dysmenorrhea which is the menstrual cramping from mild to debilitating.
  • Periods that are too long or too heavy.

I know I keep procrastinating but I gave myself a deadline, by December I have to make any appointment with a GYN.


1 Response to "Period Problems Keeping You From Getting Pregnant"

I know for me, it’s because my cycle is so erratic. I’ve only been TTC for 6 months. I say only because I was on the pill for 10 yrs prior to TTC and got off the pill just 1 year ago, so I’m being realistic. I got on the pill to regulate my cycle, which it did, but now I’m all over the place. So again I’m being realistic. For the past 2 months, I’ve been using an ovulation predictor kit called Ovu-trac (, that helps me predict my fertility with my own saliva samples. This makes the kit individual to me, which is helpful. I’m keeping positive, hoping this will work.

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