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Baby For Adoption on Craigslist

Posted on: September 27, 2009

You post pictures of your baby on a blog for family and friends to enjoy then someone uses that image to post it on Craigslist .

Josh and Jenni Brennan of Abington, Mass., discovered someone had lifted a photo of their 9-month-old son Jake off their family website and posted it on Craiglist, claiming he was a Canadian-born child, now living in Cameroon and ready for adoption.The couple has a WordPress blog that they use to keep family and friends posted on various goings on, complete with family photos. Jenni Brennan told ABC News that she received an e-mail from a woman informing her that Jake’s photo was being used on Craigslist for the bogus adoption ad.

The woman said she had fallen for an adoption scam allegedly run by St. Theresa Conception Parish and was asked for $300 to process the paperwork.

ABC News reports that Brennan fired off an angry e-mail after finding the ad posted in the childcare section for London under the heading “Cute baby boy ready for adoption.” She told ABC News she never heard back.

However, when she created a fake e-mail account and posed as a potential adoptive parent, she was e-mailed her son’s photo.

She contacted the FBI and Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and has restricted access to the family blog.



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Horrific stuff…

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