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Child Care

Posted on: August 26, 2009


Every time I find out someone is pregnant or has a baby I ask the same question, “Who’s taking care of the baby?”  And the respond is always a family member.  But what do you do when there is no family member available?  Does one parent have to quit their job? But in a lot of cases that is not always an option. Then what do you do?   I tried to remember my own childhood, who took care of me?   My parents had full time jobs so  I had a babysitter (family friend) until I was old enough to go to Day Care.   I guess the answer is always the same, you do what needs to be done.  There is  a Child Care website where parents can look at potential babysitters and nannies.  I don’t know if I would ask a stranger to watch my child but I guess when that’s your only choice.


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