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New Baby

Posted on: August 24, 2009


A middle class family has just recently added a new addition to the family. A new baby. The baby is crying out of hunger, but the mother needs to go to the restroom. She quickly passes the baby to the father as he’s watching TV. The father is holding the new born as the mother darts off to the restroom as fast as she can.

Father: (Yelling.) Hurry up honey the baby isn’t stopping, she looks starving.

Mother: (Yelling from the restroom.) I’ll be right there.

The thirteen-year-old daughter just enters the house with a study group. One other girl and two boys. They sit down at the kitchen table to study for an algebra test.

Father: (Not realizing the teenagers are in the kitchen.) Babe, hurry up and whip those boobs out this baby is ready to go!

Daughter: Dad!

Father: (Embarrassed.) Sorry, didn’t realize you guys were there.

Daughter: I can’t believe you just said that!

Father: (Offended.) It’s just milk, it doesn’t taste that bad. You make a big deal out of everything.

Daughter: Uhh, gross!

Father: It tastes like sweet water but warm. What’s the problem?

The other girl and two boys just look at each other with smirks across their faces and eyebrows raised.

Daughter: Could you please be quiet?

Father: It’s a natural beautiful thing for a mother to breastfeed their children. I don’t see why you’re so offended.

Daughter: (Curious.) How do you know how it tastes?

Father: (Mad.) Just go back to doing your studying.

One of the boys could not contain himself, all of a sudden he starts laughing until his sides hurt.

Daughter: (To boy.) What are you laughing about?

Father: (Before the boy can reply.) Nothing, now be quiet and continue to do what you’re doing. You better get an A on that test tomorrow!

Courtesy: Divine Caroline


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