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Problems With Pregnancy

Posted on: August 13, 2009


Women are having so many problems getting pregnant, doctors should be trying to figure out what the cause of that is. Is it that women are trying to get pregnant at an older age (if you want to call 30 old) or is it some side effect of all the medications and vaccines we are given for any and every little aliment.  There is a epidemic of childless mothers and the question is, is anything being done? Is there a research group in California or Germany trying to figure this out?  Can they use robots?  Since now I think it was HONDA has a dancing Robot that can hit a ball, move forward and backwards all by itself.  Why are they, Doctor’s, Scientist not taking a more active role?! And don’t get me started on VIAGRA!


2 Responses to "Problems With Pregnancy"

There are a number of causes of infertility issues. Many women ARE starting their families later, and fertility decreases after age 25, with a critical change in fertility around age 40.

Our increasinly high-carb lifestyle may be related to incidence of polycystic ovaries, which can put a real cramp in people’s fertility.

Finally – I think women are becoming more open about their difficulties with fertility. Forty years ago, being barren was your secret shame. Doctors didn’t really know what to do about it. Now, thanks to IVF and other fertility treatments, women who couldn’t have children before can now seek medical aid.

While it is true that many women are starting their families much later in life, it is not necessarily true that the current infertility epidemic, gathering pace around the world, is due to increasing age.

What far too many couples and, even some fertility experts fail to recognise is that there are several anti=fertility substances and lifestyle aids lurking beneath the surface of an average daily life and some of these factors not only have the potential to significantly reduce male and female fertility/fecundity, but they also have a great potential to trigger miscarriage, even before a woman is aware she has finally managed to conceive (75% of all miscarriages can occur in the first 2 weeks), which means that many women who believe themselves to be infertile have actually become pregnant many times.

Furthermore, there are many women who simply do not know enough about their own fertility to conceive in the current anti-fertility environment in which we now live and this is evidenced by the fact that only one woman in 12,000 respondents knew enough about her own fertility, to answer all 15 of the basic questions asked in an online survey, conducted by the American Fertility Association.

Age related ovarian failure and premature ovarian failure (25 years of age onwards) need not be a barier any more, as long as women know how to ‘rejuvenate’ their ovaries.

The real truth is that the only barrier between many women and their baby is a lack of appropriate knowledge, on how to conceive and what they need to replace, or eliminate in their average life and lifestyle.

Anyone with problems getting pregnant should visit where they can download a free Chapter and a free Report.

The free Chapter is a very valuable resource on how to maximise timing and the free Report will give them a very surprising and disturbing insight into just one of the factors that can severely complicate their dream of a baby

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